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Founder, Teacher

Tess has been performing and story-telling for as long as she can remember! She loves the creative, collaborative environment that exists in a great acting class.  It is this environment, along with her personal connection to kids who face certain challenges, that inspired her to create this class in 2021. Tess wants to invite more kids to join her in experiencing the joy of performance and the self-confidence it can inject into everyone!

Tess can currently be seen on Disney+'s Diary of a Future President, playing the lead role as Elena Cañero-Reed.

Official Trailer for Season 1: Diary of a Future President

Official Trailer for Season 2: Diary of a Future President

Season 2 First Look: Diary of a Future President


Co-Founder, Teacher

Ann is an experienced actress and stand-up comedienne that has appeared in numerous television shows in featured and co-starring roles. Ann is also the proud founder of the Actor's Garage, Long Island's best acting program for kids and teens. Ann has trained and coached many professional actors, making them comfortable enough to let their true natural selves become part of the character and bring it to life! Ann is thrilled to partner with Tess on creating this very special class!

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